Dr. Thomas B. Knudsen

Position title: Developmental Systems Biologist

Email: Knudsen.Thomas@epa.gov

Phone: 919-541-9776

National Center for Computational Toxicology
109 T.W. Alexander Drive (D-143-02)
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711


Dr. Knudsen is a Developmental Systems Biologist at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Center for Computational Toxicology, where he is a member of the ToxCast research team and lead of the Virtual Tissue Models research effort. His research on prenatal developmental toxicity and systems biology has led to over 120 scientific papers and book chapters. His current research focus is on the application of ToxCast HTS data for predictive modeling of developmental toxicity and the use of multicellular-agent based models to unravel spatial and temporal dynamics of complex embryological systems in response to chemical exposures (Virtual Embryo Project).  This effort explores the potential for chemicals to disrupt prenatal development—one of the most important lifestages.


B.S., Albright College, Reading, PA; Biology, 1976

Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA; Anatomy, 1981

Select Publications:

Leung MCK, Phuong J, Baker NC, Sipes NS, Klinefelter GR, Martin MT, McLaurin K, Setzer RW, Martin MT, Perreault-Darney S, Judson RS and Knudsen TB (2016) Systems Toxicology of Male Reproductive Development: Profiling 774 Chemicals for Molecular Targets and Adverse Outcomes. Env Hlth Persp 124: http://dx.dor.org/10.1289/ehp.1510385.

Judson R, Magpantay FM, Chickarmane V, Haskell C, Tania N, Taylor J, Xia M, Huang R, Rotroff D, Filer DM, Houck KA, Martin MT, Sipes N, Richard AM, Mansouri K, Setzer RW, Knudsen T, Crofton KM and Thomas RS (2015) Integrated Model of Chemical Perturbations of a Biological Pathway Using 18 In Vitro High Throughput Screening Assays for the Estrogen Receptor. Toxicol Sci 148: 137-154.

Solecki, R, Rauch M, Gall A, Buschmann J, Clark R, Fuchs A, Kan H, Kellner R, Knudsen TB, Li W, Makris S, Ooshima Y, Paumgartten F, Piersma AH, Schönfelder G, Oelgeschläger M, Schäfer C, Shiota K, Ulbrich B, Xuncheng D and Chahoud I (2015) Continuing international harmonisation of the terminology used in the assessment of findings in developmental toxicology Report of the International Symposium on Developmental Toxicity (including the 8th Berlin Workshop on DevTox Terminology). Berlin, 14-16 May 2014. Reproductive Toxicology 57: 140-146. Exit

Knudsen TB, Keller DA, Sander M, Carney EW, Doerrer NG, Eaton DL, Fitzpatrick SC, Hastings KL, Mendrick DL, Tice RR, Watkins PB and Whelan M (2015) FutureTox II: In vitro data and in silico models for predictive toxicology. Toxicol Sci 143: 256-267.

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